Student Study Spaces

Reserve a Study Room

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GW students can reserve study space at the Virginia Science & Technology Campus, according to the following policies and procedures. Students planning to request study space should review the policies on this website, determine the space you are interested in using and submit a request for the space a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

  • There are many study spaces available in four (4) buildings at the the Virginia Science & Technology Campus
  • Many of the spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis, such as lobbies and lounges
  • There are limited numbers of group study rooms that require reservations

Campus Buildings with Identified Study Spaces

  • Discovery Hall
  • Enterprise Hall
  • Exploration Hall
  • Innovation Hall

Building Hours

Policies for Reserving Rooms

  • Please request your room 24 hours or more in advance to allow for processing time. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation.
  • Study rooms are available for groups of (4) or more GW students.
  • Study rooms may be reserved (2) weeks in advance.
  • A student may request a study room for a maximum of 2 hours/day.

Policies for Using Reserved Rooms

  • If a student is in a study room without a reservation, the student will yield the room to the group with the confirmed reservation.
  • Please have your e-mail confirmation available in the event there are any questions.
  • If the group is not present for 15 minutes, the reservation is forfeit and other groups may reserve the room.
  • If the room is locked and you have a confirmed reservation, please visit the building Security Officer Desk for assistance.
  • Do not leave any personal items unattended in a study room.
  • Do not rearrange the furniture in the study rooms.
  • Please use the lounge areas to consume food.
  • Before you exit a study room, please erase the white board(s) and place all trash in the appropriate receptacles.