Big Data & Data Analytics

In collaboration with academic, corporate and public-sector partners, GW is transforming the region into a “knowledge hub” for data processing and data analytics, while stimulating economic growth.

GW’s Capital Area Advanced Research and Education Network (CAAREN) opens the door to world-class research for government, education and research organizations, as well as some private-sector organizations in D.C. and Virginia. CAAREN’s access to the Internet2 100Gbps fiber optic network allows member institutions to provide their communities with telemedicine, distance learning and other life- changing applications.

Faculty research is strengthened by the university’s investment in Colonial One, a high-performance computing cluster and storage resource that provides big data initiatives with cutting-edge computing, network capacity and engineering services.

Featured Staff & Faculty

Brian Ensor

CAAREN Lead: Brian Ensor, assistant vice president for planning and strategic initiatives, is an experienced IT executive with proven expertise in providing high-quality solutions and managing the effective use of IT services and investments to cost-effectively deliver the business strategy.

Dr. Keith Crandall

Keith Crandall, director of the Computational Biology Institute, has expertise in computational biology, bioinformatics, phylogenetics, infectious disease, crustacean systematics, molecular evolution, HIV, population genetics, bacterial genomics, conservation genetics.