"Town and Country" - Paintings by Margaret Huddy

Like the Impressionists before her, Margaret Huddy spent many years as a "plein air" painter, during which time she absorbed the color and quality of light.  Today she works in her studio on large scale paintings while still painting smaller landscapes on location. 

 Washington Monument View, watercolor 22" x 15"
In Margaret's recent monument paintings she works in a limited palette of triads of red, yellow and blue. The absence of black and the intensity of color produce the heightened emotion she wants to convey.  

She love cities and architecture.  Originally she painted complete street scenes, but now finds she is focusing more and more closely on the sculptural details of the buildings and monuments that she wants to paint.

With an innate sense of adventure Margaret travels the world sketching and photographing the great sculptural monuments from Western Christianity, European and Jeffersonian neo-classicism to Asian religious sites.

She also likes to paint smaller, quick paintings of the local landscape, imprinting the essence of the place in her brain so that she can recreate the emotion she experienced upon returning to her studio.

“I feel I have an important duty to make people aware of the beauty of the world much like a traveler in the nineteenth century on an enlightening grand tour. I have maintained a studio in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia since 1981. This is where I do my monumental paintings and welcome visitors.” --  Margaret Huddy

“Town and Country” will be on display through March 30, 2014.  For more information about Margaret and to inquire about her paintings, please e-mail her at [email protected].

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