NOVA Data Science Meetup

Using Cognitive Computing to Analyze Human Communications

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6:00pm -- Networking and Food 
6:30pm -- Introductions, NOVA Data Science Updates, andAnnouncements
6:45pm -- Presentation and Discussion
8:30pm -- Networking


Human language is dirty data.  It comes in different languages, it is full of ambiguity, it is inherently noisy, and exists in vast quantities.  Yet, human language is a rich data source that enables organizations to enhance revenue, mitigate risk, revolutionize operations and perform much more effectively.  Legacy analytical systems based on programmable systems that are rigid and deterministic struggle with the unpredictability of human communication - it is impossible for them to even uncover the basic “who,” “where,” and “when” of the conversation, let alone to understand the content and extract value from the data.  Come join us for this meetup where we will discuss how cognitive systems that are designed to adapt and deal with the complexity of human language are being used to combat human trafficking, safeguard the integrity of financial markets, and improve patient outcomes.

Bio: Bill DiPietro

Bill DiPietro is Digital Reasoning's Vice President of Product Management. Bill has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software with a focus on text analytics, Machine Learning, AI, and cloud.  Prior to joining Digital Reasoning, Bill spent seven years at the Central Intelligence Agency deploying cutting-edge technologies in support of the collection and analysis of intelligence information.  Previous to the CIA, Bill worked for a peer to peer (P2P) venture-backed software startup and Computer Sciences Corporation where he led software deployments at several Fortune 500 companies.

Bio: Joe Meree 

Joe Meree is a Solutions Architect at Digital Reasoning supporting commercial and government clients delivering enterprise-scale natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning capabilities. He has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry in development, support, training, sales and consulting. Joe earned a Master’s in Computer Science from Marymount University, with a specialty in software engineering and distributed systems.


By GWU Data Science Program and Digital Reasoning