New Campus Signage Nears Completion

New monument sign being installed
Building Monument sign being installed in front of Innovation Hall
November 06, 2014

New signs have been rapidly sprouting up around The George Washington University’s Virginia Science and Technology Campus in recent weeks. As the Campus has grown from the original first building opened in 1991 to six buildings and 122 acres today, the need for more extensive signage has become clear. The new signs are helping the university community and campus visitors identify each of the buildings on campus by name, as well as guide pedestrian and vehicular traffic to their destinations.

The process to improve and expand Campus signage began several years ago when the university developed a Comprehensive Sign Plan. The intent of the Plan was to enhance the visual environment of the Campus by providing consistent guidelines for signage. It was given final approval by the County Board of Supervisors in February 2013.

There are a number of different types of signage being installed on Campus. Each one has a unique purpose. While many of them have already been installed, the project is nearing completion.

  • Campus Monument Signs: located at prominent points of access from surrounding public roads and major campus intersections. The signs will serve to welcome visitors and establish the unique identify of the VSTC at key Campus locations.

Campus Monument Sign

  • Building Monument Signs: located along major thoroughfares throughout Campus near the primary street-facing façade or entrances of individual buildings. These signs will include the building name.

Exploration Hall Building Monument Sign

  • Vehicular Directional Signs: these will be placed at locations along the main campus thoroughfares to provide directional information to visitors regarding VSTC locations and building entries. These signs include building names with arrows pointing towards the desired destinations.

Vehicular directional signage


  • Pedestrian Wayfinding Signs: these are being placed at appropriate locations throughout the Campus where pedestrian activity is most likely to occur. The signs include a Campus map.

Pedestrian Wayfinding

  • Pole Mounted Banner Signs: banner signs are a common identity feature throughout many campuses across the country. They help establish and define the university’s presence and boundaries, as well as communicate information.

Pole Banner Closeup

For questions, please contact Scott Anderson, senior property manager for the GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus. He can be reached by email or by phone at (703) 726-8543.

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