Mongolia: Then and Now

Four Warriors by Dasher Ayush
"Four Warriors" by Dasher Ayush

An Exhibit of Paintings by Dasher Ayush, on display through December 2014

Born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Dasher Ayush grew up in the beautiful and wild Mongolian countryside surrounded by broad steppes, high mountain ranges and extensive rivers.  His grandfather was an exceptionally talented artist who taught Dasher how to jewel and paint as well as to revere the landscape and man’s close connection to the earth and all living things. 

When Dasher moved to the US in 2002, he soon became a juried member of the Torpedo Factory art center in Alexandria where his watercolor paintings began being noticed and honored with many awards.  He moved to Leesburg in 2003 where he rented studio space in Gallery 222 and soon became a featured artist whose paintings were sought after.  The artist’s ability to render stunning detail is a hallmark of his paintings.

Dasher’s paintings are about peace, freedom, and nature, and they show a delicate attention to detail and fine control of the brush.   Painting in the traditional style, Dasher creates images of Mongol warriors on horseback and nomadic men herding sheep. 

In contrast, his portraits of women are soft, dreamy and beautiful.  Other paintings tell a story, such as “The Peace,” which depicts five ladies from five continents, all moving together in a forward direction and surrounded by warm colors. 

"The Peace," By Dasher Ayush


Since 2007, Dasher has lived in Mongolia where he continues to paint in watercolor.   

In addition to painting, Dasher has published several novels during the last five years.   

  • “WISH TO OVERCOME” by Mongolian Language in 2010
  • “ON EARTH, ON HEAVEN” by Mongolian Language in 2011.
  • “TO THIRTEEN CENTURY” by Mongolian Language in 2012.

The paintings on display are available for sale.  To inquire further, please contact Gale Waldron at [email protected].

The exhibit is on display at the GW Virginia Science & Technology Campus, Enterprise Hall, 44983 Knoll Square, First Floor Gallery, Ashburn, VA 20147. It is free and open to the public.

For more information please contact the Office of Corporate and Community Relations by email or by calling 571-553-5002.