GW Traffic Expert Comments on Atlanta Traffic Breakdown Caused by Snowstorm

Professor Hamdar
January 29, 2014

Prof. Samer Hamdar appeared on CNN on January 29, giving his insights on the Atlanta traffic breakdown that was caused by the snow storm that hit the southeast U.S. Video link

Hamdar is an assistant professor in the GW School of Engineering and Applied Science and the director of the Traffic and Networks Research Laboratory, which is part of the Center for Intelligent Systems Research (CISR).

Research areas in the Traffic and Networks Research Laboratory include:

  1. Driver behavior modeling

  2. Traffic flow theory and control

  3. Networks flow problems and dynamic traffic assignment

  4. Pedestrian flow modeling and detection.

Special focus is given to transportation safety and sustainability with research in emission modeling and air pollution propagation, driver decision making under uncertainty, disaster management and evacuation modeling.

For more information about his research contact Prof. Hamdar.