GW Boulevard Proposed Changes Include Pedestrian Crosswalk and Traffic Light

The road areas under discussion are outlined in red.
The road areas under discussion are outlined in red.
May 01, 2015

On April 20, VSTC welcomed Loudoun Supervisor Suzanne Volpe, the Loudoun County Department of Transportation & Capital Infrastructure, and about 30 residents and business owners from Ashburn to discuss road improvements to George Washington Boulevard. 

Residents and business owners were presented with two options for road improvements during the presentation. Both plans would include the installation of a stop light at the intersection of Loudoun County Parkway and George Washington Boulevard, and a reduction in lanes from three in each direction to two.

The major differences between the two plans centered on how to utilize the existing traffic lane that would be eliminated under the new plans.

  • Concept A would create a bike lane.
  • Concept B would provide additional parking along George Washington Boulevard.

Members of the community overwhelmingly supported the bike lane option. 

Under current state regulation, pedestrian crosswalks cannot be installed on any road with more than two lanes of traffic in each direction. These new plans would enable the creation of a pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of GW Boulevard with University Drive and Presidential Drive, making the campus more pedestrian friendly. 

Construction of the stoplight is expected to begin this summer and Supervisor Volpe was optimistic that the lane reduction project/road-restriping project could occur simultaneously.

Supervisor Volpe said improving George Washington Boulevard was a top priority for her and expressed her thanks to the Department of Transportation & Capital Infrastructure, VDOT, GW, and members of the community for their commitment and support of this project.

Questions or comments about the project can be directed by email to Eloisa Thring in Loudoun County’s Department of Transportation & Capital Infrastructure.