GW is a recognized as a leader in the use of academic technology in the classroom and via the Internet. Many academic programs employ innovative instructional formats that blend monthly on-campus classes with extensive online faculty-student and student-student interaction.

All GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus classrooms feature state-of-the-art instructional technology, and the Campus has four computer classrooms/labs available for classes and student use. Extensive wireless connectivity is available in all three Campus buildings.

Academic Technologies, VSTC Classrooms & Labs

Questions or problems with the computer labs or classrooms? Contact Academic Technologies at 703-726-8228.

IT Support Center

Telecom services for students and additional technology services for faculty, staff, and university partners. Call 202-994-4948

Student Technology Services

STS is here to assist you with your technology needs. Call the STS Hotline 24/7 for assistance.
Hotline: 202-994-4948

Wireless Access at The GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus

  • GWireless FAQ
  • Enterprise Hall: First floor, and parts of second & third floors
  • Exploration Hall: Available throughout the building
  • Innovation Hall: First floor, parts of the second and third floors
  • Download GWireless VPN Installers


Technology Support