The GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus is a world-class center of collaboration with laboratories, centers and institutes conducting interdisciplinary research in many growing fields. Faculty, graduate students, research scientists, along with government and corporate partners, advance the frontiers of knowledge and discovery.

The Campus focuses on interdisciplinary STEM research, including:

  • Biological and Health Sciences
  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • Energy Science and Technology

Research Highlights

technology illustration

GW and Telos to Create Center for Data Analytics

The George Washington University and Telos Corporation have signed a five-year agreement to support research and development in big data and data analytics in Northern Virginia.

Diana Burley

University to Host Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection

GW will become host of the Institute for Infrastructure Protection (I3P), a national consortium of leading institutions addressing the cybersecurity challenges that affect critical infrastructures.

tree of life

Researchers Publish First Draft of the ‘Tree of Life’

The final tree will map relationships among more than 2 million species of animals, plants, fungi and microbes.

Biomolecular research

New Center for Biomolecular Sciences at VSTC

GW is on the brink of new discoveries with the launch of GW’s Center for Biomolecular Sciences (CBMS).

Remembering Fukushima: Unique GW Model Improves Understanding of Nuclear Reactor Behavior during Earthquakes

GW's research team is leading the way to new discoveries about the behavior of nuclear reactor cores during earthquakes.

Dean Eskandarian

GW Leader in Regional Big Data Initiatives

GW is making a strategic investment in the growing field of big data and data analytics.