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GW classes canceled; administrative and academic offices closed on March 5

05:10am, Thursday, March 05, 2015

GW classes are canceled, administrative and academic offices are closed, and activities and events will not take place on Thursday, March 5 at all of our Washington metropolitan area campuses and locations because of inclement weather throughout the region.

When the university declares a change to its operating status, employees classified as Designated On-Site are required to report to and/or remain at work, employees classified as Essential are generally expected to telecommute, and employees classified as Non-Essential are not required to work unless directed to do so by a supervisor.

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Andrei Afanasev

Andrei Afanasev

Address: Exploration Hall
20101 Academic Way
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Phone: 703-726-8558


Gus Weiss Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics, Lead Physicist, Energy Research

Lab Principal
Department: Physics
Energy Research - Photo Emission Advanced Research Laboratory (PEARL)
opening in the winter of 2011-2012

Current Research

Research Areas: Nuclear & Particle Physics; Physics of Particle Accelerators; Quantum Electrodynamics; Condensed Matter Physics

Andrei Afanasev currently leads the physics effort for the GWU energy initiative. He has made significant research contributions in the field of nuclear and particle physics probed with high-power electron accelerators and free-electron lasers.

Presently Prof. Afanasev contributes to energy research in three areas: (a) High-power particle accelerators that may serve as drivers for accelerator-driven subcritical nuclear reactors (ADSR), as well as probes of new materials for energy applications; (b) Development of novel techniques in photovoltaics, including nanostructures, quantum dots, and surface acoustic waves; (c) New technologies for non-proliferation of nuclear materials.

Prof. Afanasev is the Director of the Photoemission Research Laboratory where new solutions for particle accelerator sources and photovoltaics are being developed and tested.


Ph.D., Kharkov National University of Ukraine


He is an author of over 100 scientific papers and an editor of two books, Radiation Acoustics and Physics with CEBAF at Jefferson Lab.