Terroir & Vineyard Management Course

A four-day course planned to be offered by GW in partnership with Bordeaux Sciences AGRO

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  • In-depth study of the terroir concept in viticulture;
  • Integration of terroir in vineyard management practices;
  • Assessment of the terroir effect in wine sensory attributes.

Program Curriculum

  • Concept of terroir in viticulture: definition, main factors involved;
  • Viticultural soils and climate;
  • Vine water status;
  • The role of nitrogen in terroir expression;
  • Choice of plant material;
  • Management practices to enhance terroir expression;
  • Scale issues;
  • Sustainable terroir management;
  • The effect of soil and climate in terroir expression through tasting sessions;
  • Soil pit studies at RdV Vineyards;
  • Optimization of terroir expression through enological practices.

Target Audience

  • Winemakers, estate owners, consultants, experts, wine merchants, viticulture and enology teachers.


  • The four-day course includes instruction in English, 4 lunches, field trips and tasting sessions. Cost: $2,500

Contact Us

For more information email us or call 703-726-8220 or 703-726-3650. Course dates are currently TBD.


Jean-Philippe Roby

Expert Instructors Include

Jean-Philippe Roby
Professor of Viticulture, Bordeaux Sciences AGRO; Head of Extension Service for Viticulture and Oenology at Vine and Wine Sciences Institute, Bordeaux


Kees Van Leeuwen
Professor of Viticulture
Bordeaux Sciences AGRO

About Bordeaux Sciences AGRO

GW is offering this special course in partnership with Bordeaux Sciences AGRO, a graduate institution in science and engineering under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. They offer three high-level degrees, including an engineering degree in agronomy, a specialized master's in winery management, and a new international master's in wine business management. They also have a 29-hectare wine estate.

About RdV Vineyards

Thomas Jefferson, a native Virginian and a "man of the soil," was also an avid viticulturist who dreamed of creating a "great American wine based on a French model.

Today, Jefferson's vision is a reality at RdV. Bordeaux grapes, planted on a granite hillside, have produced world-class wines that marry the elegance of Bordeaux with the bold spirit of California.