Data Science, MS and Graduate Certificate (Online)

data science

Data Science is an emerging field that aims to extract actionable insights from vast arrays of information. Drawing on techniques and theories from statistics, computer science and mathematics, the program focuses on the effective analysis and use of large data in the natural and social sciences.

The explosion of data in today’s world is rapidly shaping the landscape of our life. This has led to an urgent need to process massive amounts of data and obtain meaningful information.

Attend an information session to learn how GW's Data Science Program can help you:
  • apply data science techniques to solve real-world problems
  • communicate findings
  • effectively present results using data visualization tools

Specifically, students will enhance or acquire:

  • thorough working knowledge of statistical data analysis techniques
  • experience with data-mining software tools
  • experience with cutting-edge tools and technologies to analyze "Big Data"
  • practical skills for visualizing and transforming data
  • other skills such as communication and working effectively in teams