Megan Leftwich

Megan Leftwich



Assistant Professor
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Academic Center
801 22nd Street N.W.
Washington, DC 
(505) 665-0311

Principal Investigator/Professor
Lab: Biologically Inspired Energy Laboratory (BIEL)
Exploration Hall
20101 Academic Way
Ashburn, VA  20147
(202) 994-9830
(Lab under new construction and not complete)


Current Research

Research Areas: Experimental fluid dynamics, biological flows: swimming and flying, the aerodynamics of groups, wind farm designs, high-energy fluid instabilities, shock-driven turbulence and mixing

Her research interests include: shock-driven fluid instabilities, mixing and turbulence, experimental techniques, and unsteady biological propulsion.


She received her Ph.D. in 2010 from Princeton University, where she held a Presidential Scholarship and served as the Senior Graduate Fellow at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.


Dr. Leftwich is currently an Agnew National Security Postdoctoral Fellow working for the Extreme Fluids Team at Los Alamos National Lab.

Classes Taught

In 2012, she will begin an Assistant Professorship at The George Washington University.